Why choose a Akea Catamaran?

The best quality/price!

Our ingenieures are always in search of reliability. The 3D scan of the engineering and the experience of these many years of composite constructions, we obtain a work of quality. Our boats are always in constant developments and improvements.

A complete range

The range Akea E that brings all(s) to the satisfaction of sailing catamaran. While keeping a boat marine economic, ecological and efficient. We search you to produce a range of boats that correspond to the expectations of the sailors. We have grouped the comfort that can bring a catamaran by reducing the technical unnecessary and a source of trouble.

The range Akea GP, which proves our comfort range. This range falls within the crenellations of the boats of the series, while providing for a cost which is much lower than ; a boat in the performance are not comparable. A design diagram and treats that gives elegance has these impressive units

High potential.

Grace has a respect for the weight, composite construction sandwich. Our boats remain light and very efficient. We are always in search maximum respect of the balance weight adjustments.


All our constructions are the subject of a thorough study of our architect Erik Lerouge, world-renowned in the field in naval architecture, in collaboration with our ingenieures and designers.


The certification is a requirement for all boats sold in Europe. All of our boats are certified by the office IMCI. This certification, in addition to a value for resale, it represented a quality control.

Kit fittings

All of our boats are available at all stages of manufacturing. We have put in place a kit fittings. Either a kit comprising the whole of the boat, it does you just have to do the mounting. We always stay in contact with you during the editing process in order to help you in this project. A marine surveyor will conduct end-of-construction has a complete verification of the vessel in order to be able to give you the certification work.

This type of construction allows the do-it-yourselfer to win on the estimate of the boat. But above all to well to know his ship in the smallest details, which can be a asset for a navigation project important.